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We have been involved in the traffic safety, traffic school and innovative driver training services industry since 1986, with a knowledge base of over 45 years worth of experience in the traffic school industry. Our company has expanded nationally graduating hundreds of thousands of satisfied students.

The principals of our online traffic school company are licensed by the DMV and have been involved in operating teaching drivers training, traditional traffic school and drivers education in the classroom for decades.

The idea of offering another alternative traffic school format to classroom traffic school came about when we realized a lot of our traffic school students would prefer to spend their Saturday or Sunday with their family or go shopping etc. Frankly they prefer to be anywhere else than stuck in a traffic school classroom. Who can blame them!

We realized that working professionals, stay-at-home parents, and students who could not find a classroom traffic school in time to meet their due date sometimes would not even finish their traffic school.

Our classroom traffic school students would always ask us if they could have a book for traffic school to read at home or do something so they don’t have to sit in the classroom for 8 hours to finish their traffic school.

With our background in information technology, involvement in the traffic school, and driving safety education industry we developed an online information technology based traffic school course and wrote a lesson plan to construct an online traffic school course that can be informative and very simple to use.

Our goal from the beginning was to accommodate everyone who wants to take traffic school, specifically non-computer savvy customers, those who are not comfortable working with computers. We believe that we have achieved that from the comments we get from our customers. (customer comments) Our online traffic school course is simple to read, very easy to use and cheap.

We pride ourselves in providing superior customer service. Our online traffic school expert representatives are ready to answer any technical question, clarification on a test question, or just basic help with your traffic school course. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are always ready to help you get rid of your traffic ticket NOW!

Our Mission- We are here to help you!

  • Superior customer service.
  • Our traffic school is cheap, simple to read and very easy to use.
  • Our traffic school course is designed for everyone especially non-computer savvy customers.
  • Providing the most effective, best traffic school programs reducing collisions and making driving enjoyable and of course getting the ticket off your DMV record.

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